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Consultant Security Some of the challenges facing today's businesses are point of sale (POS) security, proper firewalls, and the best applications to ensure the security of credit card and debit card transactions. Being PCI compliant is now required by law for all businesses conducting credit card and debit card transactions. Thousands of times daily computer systems around the world are assaulted by hackers trying to gain access to credit card numbers, bank account information and personal identification information. In order to properly ensure that this information is protected, an encrypted system along with state of the art firewall technology is highly advisable and can save you from potential losses often mounting into the millions of dollars not to mention the loss of credit card and debit card processing abilities.

McKenna Assets can provide you with all the necessary hardware and software that your business will need to make you PCI compliant. We provide all the latest in military grade encryption and firewall systems with full 24 hour monitoring and initial onsite set up and advisement.
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