References & Reviews

Chris is first class and first-rate in this business. I’ve known Chris for several years and we have worked on many projects together coast to coast. He always brings incredible fresh insight and an “out of the box” method to problem solving and takes the time to make sure the task is done right the first time putting clients as a priority always!

Mike Kelch
WashPlus Inc. Florida USA

Have worked with Chris on several projects and he is literally one of the last true consultants left in this business. Whether it’s full service or Express, Chris knows how to get the job done while at the same time keeping in mind the client’s budget and experience.

G. Thomas Ennis
President & CEO
NS Wash Corporation

I called Chris to help me as I had no experience in the car wash industry and what a huge blessing he has turned out to be saving me time and money in all the key areas. I have now purchased my first wash here in Palm Springs and Chris was there the whole way keeping me reassured and focused. He even saved me quite a bit of money on equipment through his connections. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dennis Slater
Desert Hand Car Wash
Palm Springs, CA

Had a problem and called Chris. He was there in less than a day and within two hours on-site, had full control of the situation. I immediately saw a drop in my labor and an improvement in production with cars getting out faster and cleaner. He knew how to coach me on the tough decisions and have since stayed in touch. Great value for what he brings to the table.

Nolan Higa
Speedway Car Wash
Lompoc, CA